5 Easy Ways to Connect with Your Kids

In today’s world of over-scheduled activities and work obligations, do you know who your kids are and what they think about? Here are 5 ideas to ask, listen and learn, so you can connect with your children on a more personal level.

  1. During the drive home or at dinner ask everyone to share something they learned or struggled with during their day.
  2. Visit a local library with your children and ask them to help you choose a book to read together. It should be on a topic that interests them.
  3. Do a one-on-one activity with each child at least once a week. As simple as finding matching socks or pulling pesky weeds, this activity will allow you to work toward a common goal with no winners or losers.
  4. Create a Bizarre jar. Kids are always asking questions that make parents scratch their heads or at the wrong time. So create a Bizarre Jar. When a child asks a bizarre question, ask your kids to write down and add it to the Bizarre Jar. Once a week, pick one out a question and work on the answer together.
  5. Kid’s Chef Night – Set up a restaurant-style buffet meal. Make your kids set out ingredients for a simple “build your own dish.” Little ones will enjoy decorating the table and making special menus for the evening.

Just integrating one or more of these ideas will open your mind and heart to what is truly important to your children. Listening to your child’s day, interests or simply having a goal together will enrich your life today, and also create a lasting connection with your children as they change and grow.

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